Red Mountain Dust

Client: Hedges Family Estate

Director of Photography | Jeff Christian

Writer/Producer | Sabra Gertsch

Aerial Photography | Mike Pagano

Editor | Jeff Christian

In the southeast corner of the State of Washington, lives a mountain, a family and a movement that are altogether intoxicating. And, there’s wine. We spent five days at the Hedges Family Estate, drinking their gospel and shooting their story. The Hedges are stewards of soil they call Red Mountain Dust. A spitfire redhead and her cowboy brother run the place along with their French aristocrat mother and their car-racing American father. The Hedges call Red Mountain a frame of mind; we call them reality TV waiting to happen. For now, the Estate’s sales manager travels the world preaching Red Mountain with his banjo and a bag of that dust. His name is Boo. Now, what’s not to love about that?

Side Road teamed with branding, graphic and web-design specialists Transom Design to launch a new website presentation for Hedges Family Estate. Visit Hedges Family Estate online and in Eastern Washington.


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