The Home Shows, Pearl Jam

Client: Pearl Jam (photo by Rob Skinner)

Director/Director of Photography | Jeff Christian

Writer/Producer | Sabra Gertsch

Audio | Jeremiah Sheets

Editor | Jeff Christian

End Card 2

Side Road Media was proud to participate in Pearl Jam's Home Shows initiative to raise money and awareness for Seattle's homeless. We produced two stories that were presented at Safeco Field, where the band's effort generated $11 million during two sold out concerts.

"Seattle’s population growth is outpacing housing development — and most of what is being built isn’t affordable. Many people are finding themselves living on the economic edge — just one medical bill, one layoff, or one late rent payment away from losing their homes. While there are many complex reasons people find themselves homeless, there are proven ways to get people connected with housing and ensure they have the right support to stay housed. We must come together to solve this problem." - Pearl Jam​

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