Client: Amazon Stories

Executive Producer/Writer: Neal Karlinsky

Director/Director of Photography: Jeffrey Christian

Audio: Mike Reilly

Editor: Jeff Christian

Photographer: Sabra Gertsch


India dazzled our senses—all of them. 48 hours in the chaos, the sweltering heat and dust, the tangle of humanity and dangling electrical wire that is Old Delhi, and the place did to us what any raw travel experience does: it left our minds bending under the weight of new perspective and wonder. Telling Meena's story was an experience that stays with us, the production team that squeezed into Meena's home the size of matchbox. Meena lives in the room with her three children above a barn where the family's cow resides. Neal Karlinsky explains it better on the Amazon Blog; we really hope you read this one. Meena is the embodiment of grace and humility and seeing her face, and the photographs of the women she teaches, reminds us to live better, more selfless lives.

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Neal's story is here: Sewing Machines and a Fresh Start

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